In recent years, we witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we get our news; citizens with a smartphone can now film world events faster than large media companies. Scores of professional news operations have shut down their foreign bureaus. News aggregators are abundant, recycling the same stories over and over.

Technology is moving at lightning-fast speeds, but the ancient art of storytelling lags behind. There are plenty of people tweeting, sharing, and liking content, but there aren’t enough creating media that matters.

We founded Storyhunter to empower local, professional video journalists to tell the world’s most important, untold stories.

We believe the best ideas are born from people on the ground, not editors in other continents. We embrace stories that highlight injustice and innovative solutions.

We believe voices of regular people are more truthful than politicians or pundits. We cherish positive, inspiring tales that don’t ebb with the 24-hour news cycle.

We believe in the possibility of combining the access and authenticity of local, citizen journalism with the quality and credibility of professional journalism.

Storyhunter sees technology today no differently than our ancestors saw the walls of a cave; a blank canvas to communicate our most genuine fears, dreams, and stories. We want to fill this modern canvas with true stories from real people, more accurately reflecting the human experience.


Brooklyn, 2012

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