Storyhunter was founded in May 2012 by a group of journalists, filmmakers and web developers. Together we witnessed the disruption of the media and advertising industries. Foreign bureaus shut down. Newspapers and magazines went out of business. Our most talented colleagues lost their jobs, forcing them to open their own production companies or become freelancers.

So we set up shop in Brooklyn, wrote this manifesto, and got to work. We built a platform that allows media professionals anywhere to find more work, build their portfolios, manage their businesses and be part of a global community with the same mission. Before we knew it, some of the world’s most forward-thinking media companies, creative agencies and brands were using our technology to discover stories and find great people to work with.

We recognize that there are some big challenges ahead, and this is what excites us. We’re determined to continue making software and tools to help media professionals work together, unlocking the stories of our world.


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To build the best technology, inspire ethical media production practices, and empower free expression worldwide.

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